Monday, December 29, 2008

From Greece: The cradle of civilization

Eftichia Kapardeli


Σιωπηλός, μαλακός άγνωστος
Ό παλιός τού Θεού
ένας βαθύς αρχαίος ήχος
βόγκος και αναστεναγμός

Στα παλιά ρολόγια
τον χρόνο ρωτώ
για τί περασμένα
για τις ώρες , της στιγμές πού
ακατοίκητες γλίστρησαν βιαστικές
μέσα από τον συνωστισμό

Πέρασαν οι γιορτές
τα άνθη ξεράθηκαν
μια «Άγια γι»
ένα τρέμουλο νεοφανέρωτο
σε ένα βιβλίο παλιό με
πολλές σελίδες
ό Νέος κόσμος


Silent, soft unknown
The old of God
A deep ancient sound
Pain and sigh

In the old clocks
The year I ask
For what has
For the hours,
The moments where
Uninhabited passed hasty
In from the rush

They passed feasts
The flowers were withered
A "Saint earth"
A vibration of heart
New star in a book old
With a lot of pages
The New world
It distinguishes


A humid sweet daybreak
in the wetted roofs of houses
uniformly the one doubly in the other
built in the line solitary road
of Angel of Archangel lost
the cool heart of Athens

And you …you did not never enter
in the houses of street
with the stone walls
the heart that not resist
from there doew not pass

Flowers hidden sprouted there
that the sun coward
Somebodies rays sends a
Solitary purple little flower
..more there ..a heart
i look it and in the lips it
overflows a prayer that you
it honours

I do not have hands
only feathers that me raise
in the sky tally not by any chance
wounding from brotherly hand
In the earth I fall in the Archangel
the shadow

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