Sunday, January 25, 2009




Once on an evening in a desolate place
far from the madding crowd’s eternal strife

I stood closeted with the eve-beauty manifested

around the place, exposing myself to the eerie and

stifling air and trying to attune my ears to the

bacchanalian fits of silence dancing in moonlight.

My eyes darted over to a pond as big as a lake,

then bumped into a teenaged girl beckoning at a

figure of a boy bathing in a profusion of

moonlight at a little distance .

The scene had me remember myself sitting at a

table in a crowded restaurant and a girl the age

of the girl yonder near the pond treading

unescorted her way through the drunken fits of

many a drunkard ogling at her beauty over to

a handsome boy sitting at a table

near mine and smiling an intimate smile.

She was fearless of the drunkenness of the

drunkards and the way they are ogling her,

as was the girl yonder near the pond

of the silence and desolateness of the place.



Dr Bhaskar Roy Barman is an internationally published poet, short-story writer, novelist, critic, editor, translator and book-reviewer. He has received many national and international awards from the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England, the American Biographical Institute, USA, Friendship Forum of India, New Delhi, Gemini Academy, Panipat, India, International Penguin Publishing House, New Delhi, United Writers Association, Chennai, India, the Home of Letters (India), Bhubaneshwar, and been listed in more than forty national and international biographical reference works ,published by the sahitya Akademi, New Delhi, the International Biographical centre, Cambridge, American Biopgraphical Institute, USA, Rifacimento International, New Delhi. FI Publication, New Delhi, and South-Asia Pub.Co., New Delhi. Gemini Academy, Panipat, India has conferred upon him Tripura Ratna (the Gem of Tripura) and Bhasha Ratna (the Gem of Language)
Dr Barman has authored as many as eight books including an original short story collection entitled ‘Modern Short Stories: The Trap and Other Stories’ and am original English novel entitled ‘Gateway to Heaven’. He has edited an international anthology, ‘El Dorado: An Anthology on World Literature’ featuring comprehensive and research-oriented papers contributed by eminent scholars from around the world on different aspects of world literature. This world anthology has been published by Authors Press, New Delhi, India..He has also compiled, edited and, in some cases, translated into English a selection of folktales of Northeast India and this folktale collection has been published by GNOSIS, an imprint of Authors Press, New Delhi. He has on hand a good many critical books to write and edit.. Besides, his many critical articles have appeared in as many national and international literary anthologies. He presented papers at many national and international
He has fathered an international literary organization called “World Literature Society’ formed worldwide. Many international organizations have recognized it.


Saturday, January 24, 2009


The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Ankara


Norwegian Press release, published 08.01.2009
No.: 002/2009
Norway calls for the protection of humanitarian assistance and aid workers in Gaza
There have been alarming reports from Gaza of ambulances and convoys carrying humanitarian relief supplies being impeded, and personnel from humanitarian organisations being killed as a result of the fighting. Several organisations have chosen to suspend their efforts in Gaza because the risk involved is too great.
“I deeply deplore the violence against humanitarian aid workers and humanitarian transport in Gaza,” said Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre. “These incidents are tragic for those directly affected and make it even more difficult to reach people with the help they so sorely need and are entitled to.”
The Foreign Minister recently raised these issues in the UN Security Council.
“The parties have a clear responsibility under international law to protect civilians and facilitate the provision of humanitarian and medical assistance. I expressed this most recently to the Israeli Government this evening,” said Mr Støre.

Norwegian Press release, published 03.01.2009
No.: 001/09

Israel must withdraw its troops from Gaza

“The Israeli ground offensive in Gaza constitutes a dramatic escalation of the conflict. Norway strongly condemns any form of warfare that causes severe civilian suffering, and calls on Israel to withdraw its forces immediately,” Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre said.
“The protracted bombing of the densely populated Gaza Strip, now followed by a full military ground operation, is hitting a civilian population that is unable to defend itself and unable to flee. Gaza is the world’s most densely populated area, and the effects of a ground invasion on a long-suffering civilian population that has endured a strict closure regime for many years, and now many days of military attacks, will be extremely grave,” Mr Støre added.
“Hamas, for its part, must stop its rocket attacks against Israel immediately. The war that is now unfolding has a single victim: the civilian population on both sides,” the Foreign Minister said.
“There is no military solution to this conflict. Pressure must be put on the parties to enter into a new ceasefire. The Security Council and regional actors must unite behind an unambiguous call to halt the military hostilities and a plan for achieving lasting peace,” Mr Støre said.

Norwegian Press release, published 30.12.2008
No.: 131/08
Norway provides humanitarian relief to Gaza

The Government decided today to provide NOK 30 million in immediate humanitarian relief in connection with the assaults in Gaza. “We are extremely concerned about the precarious humanitarian situation in Gaza,” said Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre.Many innocent civilians are suffering as a result of the violence in Gaza. The ForeignMinister pointed out how crucial it is to ensure that humanitarian assistance reachesthose who need it in Gaza.
“We presume that Israel will provide the necessary access for humanitarian aid. There is an acute need for medical and surgical equipment at the hospitals in Gaza.
We join in a broad international appeal to Israel to help to ensure that humanitarian relief supplies reach those in need,” said Mr Støre.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is now allocating funds to several humanitarianorganisations providing emergency medical aid and assistance to the wounded andinjured in Gaza, and is giving priority to those that are able to ensure the rapid andeffective delivery of emergency relief. The funds are being channelled primarilythrough the World Health Organisation (WHO), the UN Relief and Works Agency forPalestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), the International Red Cross (ICRC) and the Norwegian Aid Committee (NORWAC).
“Norway is following the situation closely and we are ready to provide additionalhumanitarian funds,” said the Foreign Minister.
During the past few days the Foreign Minister has been in contact with several of hiscolleagues in the region, with the Palestinian Authority, and with the French EUPresidency.
“I have conveyed Norway’s view that the fighting must stop, a new ceasefire must be put in place, and border crossings must be opened to provide access for humanitarian relief supplies,” said Mr Støre. “Norway is working for and supporting diplomatic initiatives designed for this purpose, such as the efforts being made by Egypt and initiatives taken by the EU.”

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Phone: 22 24 36 00 Fax: 22 24 95 80/81
Address: 7. juni-plassen/ Victoria Terrasse. PB 8114 Dep. N-0032 Oslo


Sunday, January 18, 2009

El odio nunca curó al odio. Es el amor el que lo alivia; el gesto noble, la mano amiga...
Hatred never healed hatred. It is love which heals it; the noble gesture, the friendly hand...
La haine jamais soigne la haine. C'est l'amour que l'allège; ainsi que la grimace noble, la main amie...
Manuel Lasso

Friday, January 16, 2009



Baudelaire pensando en el número exacto de niños fallecidos por los bombardeos de Gaza y por los misiles lanzados sobre Israel.

Baudelaire thinking on the exact number of dead children caused by the bombing of Gaza and by the missiles sent to Israel.

Baudelaire pensant sur le nombre exact d'enfants morts pendant le bombardement de Gaza et les missiles lancés sur l'Israël.

Manuel lasso



Sent: 1/15/2009 10:34:57 P.M. Central Standard Time

Subj: Re: for world peace

Dear Manuel Lasso,
I was so glad I saw it. I have enjoyed everyone's poetry in your unique blog. I love them.
World poets thank you for everything you have done for world peace and world poetry today.
With love and best wishes


Estimado Manuel Lasso,
Estuve muy contento de leerlo. Me ha gustado la poesía de todos en su blog único.
Poetas del Mundo, gracias por todo lo que habeis hecho por la paz mundial y por la poesía mundial de hoy.
Con amor y con mis mejores deseos



Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Las guerras proseguirán porque será imposible contenerlas.
Pero nuestro empeños para que las naciones sigan viviendo en paz se mantendrán firmes e imbatibles."

Manuel Lasso

"Wars will continue because it will be impossible to contain them.
But our efforts for nations to continue living in peace will remain firm and undefeatable."


Por Jorge Majfud *

He leído en los diarios que en alguna parte del mundo han asesinado a más de cien niños y han despedazado muchos más en apenas una semana de bombardeos. No lo he leído con palabras tan duras. La prensa siempre cuida de no herir la sensibilidad de las personas civilizadas como nosotros. Pero igual me pregunto, mientras tomo apaciblemente mi café de la mañana, ¿qué clase de bestia humana pudo haber perpetrado esta obra? No quiero pensar que ha sido sólo un error, otro efecto colateral, como dicen siempre. No voy a pensar que es obra de las bombas inteligentes, porque nuestro mundo civilizado no comete barbaries como en otras partes del mundo y en otros tiempos. ¿Sobre qué derechos se podría perpetuar semejantes crímenes? ¿Qué dios podría justificar tanto dolor y tanta injusticia? Porque, ¿no es una injusticia cien niños aplastados y despedazados por la Libertad, la Civilización, la Ley, el Derecho y las mejores Razones? ¿Bajo qué nobles argumentos se podría perpetrar semejante bestialidad animal para convertirla en pura bestialidad humana?

Jorge Majfud
* Escritor uruguayo y profesor de University of Georgia.
Tomado de Pagina12
(Con permiso de Jorge Majfud)

Jueves, 8 de Enero de 2009

Thursday, January 8, 2009


From: (Hadaa Sendo)

Sent: 1/8/2009 12:05:57 A.M. Central Standard Time

Subj: Re: Invitation for Anti nuclear Poems

Querido amigo Manuel Lasso,

He leído más en Wikipedia acerca de su Certificado de Muerte de la Humanidad. Es un gran trabajo lleno de tristeza y amor. Realmente agradezco su pensamiento.
Debemos de condenar la guerra y llamar a la paz, aunque lo vemos muy difícil, pero debemos de hacerlo. Hoy en día nuestros poetas son mejores, como usted y yo, en la gran admiración por la humanidad que trae esperanza y amor. Quiero enviarle mis poemas para que usted pase mi mensaje de paz.

Con amor y sentimientos de tristeza

Hadaa Sendo


"Humanity has died. The wake is on...”

Name of deceased: Humanity.

Other names: Humankind. Homo sapiens not so sapiens.

Age: 160,000 years old.

Birthplace: Africa.

Ever in the armed forces?: All the time.

Name of ancestors: Homo erectus and Homo habilis. Homo ergaster. Stone thrower hominid.

Place of death: Surface of planet Earth.

Manner of death: Mutual nuclear attack.

Date of death: Recent.

Name of place where entombment will be carried out: None. Without cosmic significance.

Immediate cause of death: Nuclear explosions.

Underlying cause of death: Human foolishness. Human estultitia.
As a consequence of extreme arrogance, patriotism, idealism, excessive love for the motherland, political stupidity, religious fundamentalism, megalomany, need of figuration, emotional immaturity, delusion of grandeur.

Certifier: God Almighty.

Name of informants: Four horsemen of Apocalipse.

Present condition of Human species: Extinct. Millions of skeletons contaminated with radioactivity abandoned on the surface of planet Earth. Failed experiment. Study material for archaeologists from the rest of the universe.


Manuel Lasso

Translating system:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


"The Thinker thinking on a way to convince Israel and Hamas that only the control of their mutual feelings could lead them to the City of Eternal Peace."

"El Pensador pensando en un modo de convencer a Israel y a Hamas de que sólamente el control de sus sentimientos los puede conducir a la Ciudad de la Paz Eterna."

Manuel Lasso

Monday, January 5, 2009

Manuel Lasso

Sunday, January 4, 2009




Entering into hypersonic gridlock
you become one of the crowd ;
remain devastated, slip into unconciousness,

defer to a calibrated emblem and speak
untainted. The debris was taking to the
street. The trees were drinking from

geyser basins, mutated restraint. The crow
was taking a bath in milk, to show that
it has no venom. Or rather no controversy

for a tedium death. That is the stripping of
ambition, till the light arrives. Darkness
will reap the grains of sorrow. The fire

digs out the secret bones. You cannot stop
the whipping of skulls which were without thoughts,
when silence was bidding for lips.



Choosing the right words
was becoming difficult. A beetle was tracking
cautiously on wet sand. Pussyfooting
on broken glass, littered in holiest fashion,
reflecting a blue green lake, shimmering
in the limbs of violence.

The chase of civilization was not coming
to an end.Expansive remarks were shot down
on the terrace of century. A surgical strike
will dismantle the peace. The new
incumbent was groping in dark. I thought
the sensuality will retrieve the truth.

An ethical monologue tempts you to hang
yourself on a tree.The gatekeeper goes to sleep.
Democrative dance of a nation. Shortlisted,
the crimes are condoned. Of thighs and breasts,
decoratred by dyed bars. The neurons
will go into seizure.


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