Sunday, January 25, 2009




Once on an evening in a desolate place
far from the madding crowd’s eternal strife

I stood closeted with the eve-beauty manifested

around the place, exposing myself to the eerie and

stifling air and trying to attune my ears to the

bacchanalian fits of silence dancing in moonlight.

My eyes darted over to a pond as big as a lake,

then bumped into a teenaged girl beckoning at a

figure of a boy bathing in a profusion of

moonlight at a little distance .

The scene had me remember myself sitting at a

table in a crowded restaurant and a girl the age

of the girl yonder near the pond treading

unescorted her way through the drunken fits of

many a drunkard ogling at her beauty over to

a handsome boy sitting at a table

near mine and smiling an intimate smile.

She was fearless of the drunkenness of the

drunkards and the way they are ogling her,

as was the girl yonder near the pond

of the silence and desolateness of the place.



Dr Bhaskar Roy Barman is an internationally published poet, short-story writer, novelist, critic, editor, translator and book-reviewer. He has received many national and international awards from the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England, the American Biographical Institute, USA, Friendship Forum of India, New Delhi, Gemini Academy, Panipat, India, International Penguin Publishing House, New Delhi, United Writers Association, Chennai, India, the Home of Letters (India), Bhubaneshwar, and been listed in more than forty national and international biographical reference works ,published by the sahitya Akademi, New Delhi, the International Biographical centre, Cambridge, American Biopgraphical Institute, USA, Rifacimento International, New Delhi. FI Publication, New Delhi, and South-Asia Pub.Co., New Delhi. Gemini Academy, Panipat, India has conferred upon him Tripura Ratna (the Gem of Tripura) and Bhasha Ratna (the Gem of Language)
Dr Barman has authored as many as eight books including an original short story collection entitled ‘Modern Short Stories: The Trap and Other Stories’ and am original English novel entitled ‘Gateway to Heaven’. He has edited an international anthology, ‘El Dorado: An Anthology on World Literature’ featuring comprehensive and research-oriented papers contributed by eminent scholars from around the world on different aspects of world literature. This world anthology has been published by Authors Press, New Delhi, India..He has also compiled, edited and, in some cases, translated into English a selection of folktales of Northeast India and this folktale collection has been published by GNOSIS, an imprint of Authors Press, New Delhi. He has on hand a good many critical books to write and edit.. Besides, his many critical articles have appeared in as many national and international literary anthologies. He presented papers at many national and international
He has fathered an international literary organization called “World Literature Society’ formed worldwide. Many international organizations have recognized it.


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