Sunday, January 4, 2009




Entering into hypersonic gridlock
you become one of the crowd ;
remain devastated, slip into unconciousness,

defer to a calibrated emblem and speak
untainted. The debris was taking to the
street. The trees were drinking from

geyser basins, mutated restraint. The crow
was taking a bath in milk, to show that
it has no venom. Or rather no controversy

for a tedium death. That is the stripping of
ambition, till the light arrives. Darkness
will reap the grains of sorrow. The fire

digs out the secret bones. You cannot stop
the whipping of skulls which were without thoughts,
when silence was bidding for lips.



Choosing the right words
was becoming difficult. A beetle was tracking
cautiously on wet sand. Pussyfooting
on broken glass, littered in holiest fashion,
reflecting a blue green lake, shimmering
in the limbs of violence.

The chase of civilization was not coming
to an end.Expansive remarks were shot down
on the terrace of century. A surgical strike
will dismantle the peace. The new
incumbent was groping in dark. I thought
the sensuality will retrieve the truth.

An ethical monologue tempts you to hang
yourself on a tree.The gatekeeper goes to sleep.
Democrative dance of a nation. Shortlisted,
the crimes are condoned. Of thighs and breasts,
decoratred by dyed bars. The neurons
will go into seizure.


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