Tuesday, April 20, 2010


by Manuel Lasso
author of The Butcher of Lyon.
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... Something that could not even be understood. The worst would be the nuclear winter which will follow soon afterwards.

BERNARDO: What is that?
ORESTES: I am delighted to hear that you ask this because, as I have explained before, if a nuclear winter is produced, all cinder and residues of the explosion will form a gigantic cloud around the planet. The sunlight will not be seen for an indefinite period of time and all plants and animals will die. It would be like a gruesome and macabre night of unknown duration with demons screaming and howling in the darkness. Besides, the massive radioactivity accumulated in that global cloud would fall over the earth and contaminate all food and water with cesium-137, strontium-90 and Iodine-131. There would be nothing to eat or drink, not even a little red hot pepper which was intended to be used in a Kung Pao Chicken. The horses of the Apocalypse will have no hay or water to consume either. They will remain neighing and snorting, waiting for everybody to expire before departing. In a short lapse the entire humanity will have ceased to exist with all its hatred and bellicosities.

BERNARDO: Would the horsemen have anything to eat or drink?

ORESTES: Don't worry about them because they are biblical and do not eat or drink like us.

BERNARDO: But they drink beer and wine.

ORESTES: No, they don't. They drink blood and feed on rotting flesh.

BERNARDO: I understand. So, the entire humanity would become extinct?

ORESTES: As simple as that, sir.

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