Thursday, July 26, 2012


Cleaning the debris to build up a New Germany:



Barbie in the New World, La Paz:

Torturing and murdering enemies of the military government:

Working in Lima. Plaza San Martin. A good cup of coffee and a shine on his shoes:

Mambo! Que rico el mambo! It brought back memories from Josephine Baker's Paris:

Campo de Marte. Ideal place for military parades with nazi flags and floral displays like the one celebrating the birthday of the Führer in 1939, with loudspeakers all over the streets:

Seekers of justice, Beate and Serge Klarsfeld. Honor deserving:

Martin Bormann: Hitler's Shadow. His remains were found after several decades. A triumphant rodent over his skull:,_Martin_Bormann.jpg

Finally, he ran out of luck and was arrested:

Rudolf Hess. Only prisoner in Spandau. Startled by his terrifying visitors:
Back to Montluc Prison. Place of Barbie's deeds and demise. He needed to read this novel to entertain himself:

Rosamunde. The New Germany. (To be watched completely):


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