Monday, July 16, 2012

Critique to Human Estultitia

ORESTES: It is. But no one wishes to disarm because nobody wants to lose the superiority they have achieved with these weapons without thinking that they are harboring their own destruction. The Homo Hapiens, despite his exceptional intelligence and his developed civilization, full of Euripideses, Einsteins and Newtons, that can inquire in the infinite dimensions of the universe and within the intimacies of the subatomic particles, is still a very primitive and immature animal as dim-witted as an earth worm... When total disarmament is the subject of discussion all world leaders pretend not to be the involved ones as if their nations could not be targeted for nuclear destruction. It is unbelievable how certain human brains could reason so fallaciously in such a dangerous moment. Epistemology sentences that their thoughts are untrue; however the fierce determination of a shortsighted head of state is the only condition needed to send the world into complete chaos and destruction. Besides, there are insane leaders, full of abhorrence for their enemies, who compulsively continue building reactors to produce plutonium, missile control centers and launching pads, without thinking that almost immediately after they strike, their own cities will be completely annihilated and erased from the surface of the earth by massive and extraordinary retaliations. Most importantly, we have to consider that these deranged commanders, out of exquisite hatred, are the ones shooting the missiles, but the noble and innocent civilians, women and children, are the ones suffering the horrible consequences of these nuclear explosions. Why should we allow this?

Taken from
Critique to Human Estultitia
Manuel Lasso


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