Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Turn around and give your back to the blast.
Cover your eyes and lay flat on the floor.
Wait until the heat wave and the two shock waves have passed.

Cover your nose and mouth until the fallout is over.

Do not contaminate shelter with radioactive dust.
Unclothe and shower before entering.
Turn off ventilation system. Seal doors and windows.
Stay in shelter until you are told to do so.
Listen to the radio for instructions.

Use only water and food you have stored in advance. 

In case it happens... Remember...
Just remember....


freedom said...
Excellent ......... the issue a major disaster nuclear means to exterminate the human race in general and the destruction of nature Let blessings Do not ever. Peace is what the most beautiful gift of life. Great job! !
Las exploraciones estéticas de Manuel Lasso said...
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Dear friend Manuel Lasso,
Thank you very much for your kind letter.
I have enjoyed the Click here: Las exploraciones estéticas de Manuel Lasso

Thanks a lot for sharing with me your last work . You are wonderful! for peace...


A JOSE TOLA DE  HABICH I remember when we were studying elementary school in La Cantuta , the pre-military instructor "...