Tuesday, October 24, 2017


A nuclear destruction of earth would mean the end of the homo sapiens's civilization after 160,000 years of existence.

So, nobody will be able to see this

To read this.

Don Quixote. Cervantes.

Or to hear this.

Caprice No. 24.  Paganini.

Couldn't we do something to prevent this dead end?

 Manuel Lasso

author of The butcher of Lyon
and El danzarín de las Fiestas del Tayta Shanti

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Wishing that world peace would be not only for one day, but for the rest of humanity's existence. Wars will continue because it will be impossible to contain them. There will always be an insensate who will wish to initiate itBut our efforts for nations to continue living in peace will remain firm and unbeatable.

Manuel Lasso

Lima. Peru

A JOSE TOLA DE  HABICH I remember when we were studying elementary school in La Cantuta , the pre-military instructor "...