September 24, 2022



"The battles you fight should be in your inside. Οι μάχες που δίνεις πρέπει να είναι μέσα σο".

"You have to use your head... Vos have utor vestri cerebrum"

"If you think, you will survive. Si tu penses, tu survivras".   

"These homo sapiens... sapiens... Sie können es nie richtig machen"

"I am telling you... Don't be so hardheaded... You will not survive... Zarathustra said so".

"Yo estudié la radiación del uranio para el uso médico. No para producir la destrucción nuclear".

"I studied uranium radiation for medical purposes. Not for nuclear destruction".

"Studiowałem promieniowanie uranu w celach medycznych. Nie do zniszczenia nuklearnego".

September 21, 2022



Dante and Virgil thinking about the large amount of victims after a nuclear retaliation.

                                                                      Manuel Lasso


August 26, 2022



Boundless Homo sapiens, Neanderthals and Denisovans of all nations:


         Remember that you are  only temporary           occupants of this planet. 

               DON'T TRANSFORM IT INTO AN                               UNINHABITED PARADISE                                                  

                                      THE FATE OF WARS

         In 2013 I wrote this article as part of a Christmas message. It was later published by the Atunis Galaxy Poetry magazine. It recounts the possibility that two enemy armies, the British and the German, spontaneously decide to make a ceasefire to experience a moment of peace. Although their superiors are opposed to this reaction, the soldiers withdraw from the battlefield to continue a peaceful existence.
          Recently, a short film appeared, made by German filmmakers, which has been awarded for its artistic quality and its clear message of peace. It narrates the meeting of two soldiers, one German and the other one, North American, in the middle of a military confrontation. To calm down, the American plays with his trumpet the well-known melody of Lili Marleen, which reminds the German that it is his song and the song of his wife, who is expecting a child. Then the two enemies cease their hostilities and shaking hands conclude that the carnage they are committing is something that should not be happening.
          In these two works a message is sent indicating that the presence of wars at this time should be banned throughout the world because they bring us closer to the extermination of the human species without any transcendental reason.
                                    Manuel Lasso
                                                        February 2022

                                WARS ARE NOT NEEDED             
          In the same way as the British and German soldiers made ​​a cease fire to sing Stille Nacht (Silent Night) on the eve of December 25, 1914, in Ypres, Belgium, the armies at war today, at this very moment, dropping their rifles, would leave their trenches and with their muddy boots walk toward the opposite  lines, despite of being within reach of the enemy artillery, to  find themselves in the middle of No Man's Land and greet each other with a fraternal hug, to celebrate Christmas together, exchanging bottles of wine, whisky or vodka, presenting themselves, with a  fraternal smile, cigarettes, Christmas trees, white candy canes and cups of hot chocolate, handing over their bayonets and pistols to be given to  their children as memories of a war that never meant to be, telling about  their families and taking photographs, embracing and being happy of making an impossible peace and if  dawn would come and they would continue doing the same, wars would  end. If the persistent men would remain on the battlefield, among wires and rubble, treating each other with kindness and respect, as mature and responsible human beings, talking about the tragedies of humankind and although officers from both sides would leave their trenches, with a whistle in their mouth, to approach their men, pushing them with a gun pointed at the sky and with fierce eyes ordering them to return to their places to continue the fight on behalf of the motherland, threatening to shoot them and promising court-martials and although their Generals would mercilessly bomb the place or release toxic gases over them,  to force them to go back, the soldiers would not pay attention and would continue talking among themselves and leave the place, embracing as children do, speaking about the good wine and the wonderful food from their lands and about the loving women they left behind and the little children who waited anxiously for them behind their windows, these wars would not continue. And if all the soldiers who had died that day in defense of the country would come back to life and with their  bloodstained uniforms, pale and bloodless, would join them to drink from a bottle of wine, rejoicing and participating in the fun, the war would not progressHowever, as always, if resentment against the enemy, which all humans have, would persist, the conflict would continue alive. It is up to us, Homo Sapiens, to know that such possibility exists and that we are morally obligated to implement it. When we learn to do that, we will live in permanent  peace. 

                                  Manuel Lasso 
                                    December 2013



August 21, 2022


Unforgettable Mila:

          It was in the month of August, by the end of Summer, when I invited you to go driving by Manhattan and by the West Side Highway. Remember? You asked me if I knew the way and I said yes. "In my car?", you asked me. "Yes. I do not have a car yet". So, we decided to go. Your red automobile was an excellent car. You were so beautiful. We went south by the 2nd Ave. until we arrived to Canal St. and we continued to the West until we found the entrance to the West Side Highway. It was during a quiet moment. There was no traffic. Then, we went North and came back by the Triborough Bridge. Our mutual attraction was already devastating by that time. 

          While at work, I enjoyed visiting the patients with you. But when I asked you to come with me you seemed a little annoyed, but you came anyway. Years later you mentioned that you were somewhat irritated because you just had arrived and you wanted to drink a cup of tea first. I am sorry about that now and I ask you to forgive me.  If I knew this at that moment, we could've have taken a cup of tea together. But to me that was a wonderful moment. 

          We went out several times. In one of them we drove to Atlantic City. That was during the Summer. We enjoyed our strolling by the long Board walk and by the beach. That evening we went out for dinner. We passed by a Chinese restaurant which we had visited the day before and we continued instead to a Greek restaurant where we had an excellent meal. Once we were in our way back I noticed that you were upset, but you wouldn't say the reason. Only after several months you would tell me that you had been slightly exasperated because you wanted to go to the Chinese restaurant. I also ask for your forgiveness now. I knew that your moment of irritability would pass soon and you will be as joyous as always, almost immediately.

          I never knew that somebody could love me as much as you did. It was an extraordinary love. Just like the one of a lioness for her cubs. Ready to attack as soon as there was any danger. I thank God for giving me that experience. As for myself I want to tell you that I still love you with the same intensity as during those days, even when you are not with us anymore.  I am convinced that in my case I will love you beyond my own passing. You don't know how much I miss you. So, hang in there, honey, because I am waiting to meet with you again in due time. Solon.

From Hope Island.

To Mila, the poet of the Philippines:

June 29, 2022


Cuando Cáceres perdió la batalla de Huamachuco, lloró. Pero su valentía no amainó.
Siguió atacando con sus tropas hasta que los invasores temerosos por sus vidas abandonaron
el valle del Mantaro, lo que se convirtió en el presagio de una victoria peruana.
Esa fue la mejor lección que nos dejaron nuestros antepasados y de igual manera tenemos
que enfrentar a los dolores de la vida.
No te rindas. 
Lucha contra lo que nos impone el destino y la calma retornará a tu vida.
Mientras tanto confia en el apoyo que te daremos los que realmente te queremos.


June 28, 2022


Quiero enviar una sincera y cálida felicitación a un escritor peruano destacado por sus célebres cuentos y otros géneros literarios, el amigo Manuel Lasso, quien acaba de ser incluido entre los 7 mejores novelistas del mundo que escriben cuentos y obras de teatro, en el mundo, en el idioma inglés.
Felicidades Manuel, tu éxito lo sentimos como nuestro por ser un digno hijo de Iberoamérica.
Manuel Lasso es un novelista peruano, cuentista y dramaturgo. Él es el autor de "El Carnicero de Lyon", una obra de ficción que representa la vida de Klaus Barbie en Francia y América del Sur. Recientemente ha publicado una colección de cuentos titulada "El Danzarin de las Fiestas del Tayta Shanti".
Especialidades: Novelista, cuentista y dramaturgo.

Usted puede encontrar sus libros en:
El Carnicero de Lyon (The Butcher of Lyon)

El Danzarín de las Fiestas del Tayta Shanti

Le Boucher de Lyn

June 10, 2022


    7.2: Emily Dickinson - Humanities LibreTexts



        Haven't you ever walked through a Cemetery of literary jewels? Haven't you sunk your feet into the sandy soil of the graveyard, not knowing that beneath the surface, like archaeological remains, some golden jewels, inscribed with verses, similes and metaphors are buried?
        This happened to the unfortunate poems of Emily Dickinson that were buried in the Pantheon of Oblivion for several decades, as if they were the lost treasure of an ancient shipwreck, until someone rescued them and made them known to the world...


          ¿No han caminado alguna vez por un Cementerio de joyitas literarias? ¿No han hundido los pies en el suelo arenoso del camposanto, sin saber que debajo de la superficie, como restos arqueológicos, se encuentran enterrados algunos alcorcíes de oro inscritos con versos, símiles y metáforas?
          Así sucedió con los desdichados poemas de Emily Dickinson que estuvieron sepultados en el Panteón del Olvido por varias décadas, como si se tratase del tesoro extraviado de un naufragio milenario, hasta que alguien los rescató y los dio a conocer al mundo...
Tomado de Letralia. 2005.

   Manuel Lasso
  Lima Peru

  NUCLEAR WEAPONS? "The battles you fight should be in your inside. Οι μάχες που δίνεις πρέπει να είναι μέσα σο". "You have t...